Conferences + Lectures during IFFA 2022

IFFA 2022 impressed with a daily changing, exciting and informative lecture and conference programme. Let this pass in review in selected examples.

Extrusion and the development of meat and fish alternatives based on sustainable regional proteins

Speaker: Johanna Jorkowski, Fraunhofer Institut für Verfahrenstechnik und Verpackung

GUILT-FREE BACON, Using the unique VEGEDAN™ MA 1901 or MA 1951 binder

Speaker: Helge Nielsen (IFF), Frutarom Savory Solutions Germany GmbH

PlantbaserTM: The digital tool for product development of plant-based meat alternatives

Speaker: Dr. Dorotea Pein, Planteneers GmbH

Increase yield and quality through correct chilling

Speaker: Lars Jacob Kristensen, DMRI - Danish Technological Institute


Speaker: Daniel Sanz, METALQUIMIA, S.A.; Berta Riera, Metalquimia, SAU

Removing nitrite without compromising on experience and freshness, naturally

Speakers: Aurelie Despalungue, Givaudan International SA; Mélanie Heudré, Givaudan International SA

Data Delivering a Food Waste Indication from Extra Shelf-Life Days

Speaker: Emma Cahill, Kerry Taste & Nutrition

Microbiological stabilization of sausages by hop extract

Speaker: Dr. -Ing. Peter Muranyi, Fraunhofer Institut für Verfahrenstechnik und Verpackung

NextFlex: the perfect recyclable packaging

Speaker: Patrick Hofmann, VF Verpackungen GmbH

New developments of the cooling of carcasses (German only)

Speaker: Jaques de Lange, RBK Group/RBK Automation GmbH

Food Safety Models in Product Design & Innovation

Speaker: Catalin Iancu, Corbion

Greenfield design beyond imitation

Speaker: Sonia Huppert (IFF), Frutarom Savory Solutions Germany GmbH

Digitization and automation of ordering processes

Speaker: Helge Kunze, Winweb Informationstechnologie GmbH

Meet the rebel of the meatless world: A ready-to-use structured plant-based blend to create meat alternatives.

Speaker: James Allred, Prosur

Digital transformation of cooked ham lines

Speakers: Marta Xargayo, Metalquimia; Pere Canadell, Metalquimia; Josep Tarradas, Metalquimia