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Illuminated advertising displays & Corpus boxes

Illuminated advertising displays

Slim Box

Slim Boxes on the exhibition grounds

Make your messages shine: Slim Boxes are located along the central walkways and in the hall foyers and offer plenty of space for your advertising message. Use the Slim Box as a vehicle for presenting your products. Your products in tangible form combined with bold advertising. Optional extras for the Slim Box:

  • a brochure rack
  • a bag hook

Slim Boxes are available in various sizes:

Slim Box
Slim Box
Slim Box XL
Slim Boxes auf dem Messegelände

Triangle Tower

Luminous advertising Triangle Tower

Make a triple impression: the Triangle Tower faces three ways at once, to ensure your advertising message can be read from whichever direction the visitor approaches. Placed in prominent locations along the central walkways and hall foyers, it's a real attention grabber.

Use the Triangle Tower as a vehicle for presenting your products. Optional extras for the Triangle Tower:

  • a brochure rack
  • a bag hook

Lumio transparency poster

Lumio transparency poster

Along the way: Lumio transparency posters lining the Via Mobile afford you an excellent opportunity of presenting your brand to trade visitors using the mobile walkways. As an alternative to delivering a single message, you can combine multiple units to tell the story of your brand.

Corpus boxes

Corpus boxes at the exhibition grounds

Claim your space: Corpus boxes stand out by standing out, lending body and presence to your advertisement. Furthermore, with all facets adorned with graphics, they represent a particularly cost-effective option. They are available in four sizes.


Do you have any questions? We will be happy to advise you as to which advertising are best suited to you.